Photo by Kate Inglis

About me

Growing up in Upstate New York, I didn’t get to see the ocean until I was twelve years old, but I was already obsessed. I remember walking out onto the Florida beach with my grandparents while sporting a t-shirt with a beautifully-rendered watercolor array of the local reef fishes--the science nerd equivalent of wearing the band’s t-shirt to their concert. Since that young age, the ocean, art, and conservation have been currents flowing through my winding path.

In my artwork I focus on natural science, the beauty of special places, and the critters that live there.  But I am also somewhat of a generalist in approach. I paint evocative, gentle watercolors and landscapes, and also do more graphic linocut, ink, and digital works. I use color and composition to enhance ecological stories. Whatever medium, my work always aims to set a mood and put the viewer inside the environment--hopefully inspiring them to care more about its lasting health.

Besides freelance illustration, I also take on selected conservation strategy contracts.  If you’re interested in having me help conserve nature or compellingly depict it, please get in touch:

My favorite sea creature is the pelican. What’s yours?



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